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Antiphonary of St. Peter – miniatures kassette

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The Antiphonar from St. Peter in Salzburg is, due to its size, beauty and extent, the most impressive manuscript of the middle 12th century and undoubtedly the most important achievement of the time in the realm of book art. Few manuscripts have reached, and almost none have surpassed, the accomplishment of grandiosity and elaborateness found in this work. This liturgical hymnbook has captured the highest status as a work of art in such a way that only a few codices are able to compare.

In the miniature cassette of Antiphonar from St. Peter, we have 6 of the most lavish and loveliest full-page miniatures and initials that have been selected and chosen from this manuscript. The linen-lined cassette provides  luxurious protection for the 6 magnificent pages.

Linen-lined decorated cassette with 4 full-page miniatures and 2 pages of initials (in passepartout) from the Antiphonar from St. Peter, ca. 50 x70cm, descriptive brochure (8 pages).

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